International Student Ambassador Program

Statement of Understanding for Your Visit

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The Utah State University Office of Global Engagement and the USU community appreciate your efforts in talking to prospective students about your experiences at USU. Below are: 1) Steps for preparation before you leave, 2) Expectations of your visit, and 3) Requirements upon return in order to receive your honorarium and certificate.

Preparing for your visit – what to do?
1. Read the terms of agreement and make sure you sign it. You need to attend an informational meeting session before going on your visits.
2. Contact USU alumni in your hometown or the place you will be visiting. Invite them to join you at the recruiting event. The OISS office will provide you with a list of names in the area.
3. Contact the institutions you will be visiting. Introduce yourself as an international student from Utah State University who is interested in giving a talk to students interested in studying in the USA from your perspective, as well as answering questions about Utah State University. Remember, you are only a USU student, for questions about admissions requirements, refer them to
4. Set up the date, time and place of the meeting.
5. Pick up your customized letter (s) and packet (s) from the Office of Global Engagement for the alumni and the institutions you will be visiting.

 During your visit – what to do?
1. Introduce yourself to the primary contact.
2. Express appreciation for setting up the meeting.
3. Tell the students about your experience at USU. The purpose of this program is to give them a student’s perspective. Talk about the factors that influenced you coming to USU and to the USA. Tell the students about interesting things that have happened to you while at USU, including cross-cultural differences, your academic department, classes, extracurricular activities, and Logan. Avoid talking about admission or financial aid related questions. If you are asked about GRE/GMAT, TOEFL, or about financial support, tell them that you are not qualified to answer those questions. Refer them to the USU website. Consider using the Internet as part of your presentation.
4. Do not worry if you do not know the answer to a question. Be honest about it, but refer them to the International Admissions Office website for undergraduate questions, and the specific academic department for graduate students.
5. Be positive and enthusiastic.
6. Answer questions honestly. Tell your audience the truth about life in the USA and at USU. Keep in mind that you are representing USU so do not forget to talk about the positive things.
7. Finally, try to connect your prior school experience at your home country with your experience studying in the USA and at USU.
8. Have your primary contact at the institution complete the response questions from your materials packet on their letterhead.
9. Take pictures (if allowed by site).

 What to take?
1. Office of Global Engagement letter to give to main contact person.
2. Questions to be completed on letterhead by primary contact person at the institution you are visiting (one questionnaire per site visited).
3. Printed, video material about USU.
4. Camera supplied by the Office of Global Engagement.

Upon return – What to do?
1. Complete report for each visit (separate report for each site).
2. Submit letters from institutional contact on their letterhead to the Office of Global Engagement.
3. Turn in completed honorarium form.
4. Wait 2-4 weeks for honorarium to arrive.
5. Return left over materials and camera to the Office of Global Engagement.
6. Notify the Office of Global Engagement if you are willing to lead one or more of the upcoming training sessions.


Please return this page to the Office of Office of Global Engagement:

Statement of Understanding

As a condition of your participation in the International Student Ambassador program, please read over carefully, sign, and return the statement listed below:

I, _________________________________________________________ (print name), am currently enrolled, in good standing, degree-seeking international student at Utah State University. I have read the information about the requirements and expectations for the International Student Ambassador program, and I agree to comply throughout my participation. Further, I understand that if I neglect to follow through on all reporting requirements, I may forfeit my honorarium and certificate.




Return the signed statement to:

Carlos Muñoz
Coordinator of International Student Recruitment
Utah State University
Military Science 115 A

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