Master's International Peace Corps Program

 The Education Adventure of a Lifetime

Students can now pursue a M.S. in Applied Economics, M.Ed. in Elementary or Secondary Education, M.S. in Geography and participate in the Master's International Peace Corps Program, which integrates graduate study with an international development field experience.  

As a prospective student, you should apply to USU Graduate School, and when accepted, submit your application to the Peace Corps. After completing your initial course work and receiving your Peace Corps placement, you will travel to your respective site and begin training. Once overseas, you are given an assignment according to the needs and requests of your host country. While overseas, your primary responsibility is the project and community to which you have been assigned. Your academic requirement will grow out of your Volunteer work.

The degree requirement may be a thesis, paper, or other culminating project, developed with the direction of your faculty and with the approval of Peace Corps overseas staff.  You must be flexible and, in some cases, creative when transforming your volunteer service into your graduate work.  After completing your Peace Corps service, you will return to finish your graduate course work.  Now, you have the advantage of having applied theory to practice, while working overseas. You will return with a changed world view and the skills and education to continue to make a difference.



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